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Stop wasting time renaming, resizing or converting images one by one
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29 October 2013

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Digital photography has evolved majorly since the past few decades owing to its speedy working and high quality resolution image delivery that has replaced the obsolete film based cameras. Storing huge counts of these digital images and sharing them through the internet is a tremendously simple job for any user and so is performing any editing functions onto them. Tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are hugely popular in performing any enhancement to the pictures and applying various other effects. However, in order to use such tools, considerable amount of knowledge and training is required which makes the job a bit difficult. Advanced Batch Converter 5.05 can be of great help to enable the users in performing all batch editing tasks in a jiffy without requiring any technical expertise.

Advanced Batch Converter opens with a vivid looking interface with the chief options located at the top and various other editing tools placed at the bottom of the screen for easy access. Unlike the complex devices like Photoshop and other image editors that require learning and training to perform any functions, this software does not involve any learning or expertise and saves time too. The program can virtually take any number of pictures in any format and converts to any format desired; the user can choose from over forty most popular image formats. The software also provides enhanced assistance in resizing, cropping, flipping, rotating for individual and group of images in a jiffy. Moreover, scope for applying various filters and watermarks along with morphing effects and color adjustments that make it an immensely user friendly and flexible tool.

To conclude, Advanced Batch Converter 5.05 certainly proves to be an enhanced application that assists the user in all batch editing functions and hence gets a rating score of four points for its suitable performance.

Publisher's description

There are some strange folks out there, who waste their valuable time converting, cropping or resizing images one by one. After spending hours doing that, they spent more time renaming images one at a time. Then they complain how difficult it is to use Photoshop to perform even the most basic image editing tasks. And the most unusual thing about them that they still have not downloaded and installed Advanced Batch Converter - a time-saving image processing software application so simple, even your grandmother can use it.
Advanced Batch Converter can take virtually any number of images in any format (over 180 file formats supported) and convert them within seconds to any of the 40+ most popular formats. Advanced Batch Converter can also resize, rotate, flip, mirror, crop individual or bulk images within seconds. You can also apply various filters, watermarks, morphing effects and enhance colors, to name a few perks that come with the software.
Supported images:
bmp, jpg, gif, giff, png, tif, jpeg, rle, dib, pcd, icb, ico, wmf, tiff, tga, pcx, scr, emf, jif, vda, jfif, rgb, afi, vst, win, cel, jpe, rgba, pic, pcc, cut, ppm, pgm, pbm, sgi, rla, rpf, psd, pdd, psp, cur, targa, bw, tar, jfi, int, pdf, crw, cr2, dicom, dcm, pict, inta, fax, jng, mng, 411, wbmp, wbm, ani, pix, thm, g3f, g3n, jp2, j2k, jpc, jpx, j2c, j, rl4, rl8, sys, tim, g3, tpi, tpic, pnm, pxm, iri, iris, rppm, rpgm, rpbm, rpxm, rpnm, rpp, rpg, rpb, rpx, rpn, avi, hdp, wdp, bpx, ps, eps, pdf, epi, ai, CameraRAW and much more.
The evaluation version allows you to try the program for 30 days and is available to download at
Advanced Batch Converter
Advanced Batch Converter
Version 7.85
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